Well Data


Well Data Solutions that Optimize Your Energy Assets

RAMTeCH’s Energy Data Management practice helps oil and gas companies collect, validate, standardize, interpret and analyze well data from permit to completion.

Collection & Validation Services

Typically, oil and gas data is stored in different databases, file cabinets, and even on various geoscientists and engineers desks. RAMTeCH provides services which include the Collection, Validation, independent Quality Assurance, and Standardization of oil and gas data.

RAMTeCH experts perform the complex processes necessary to ensure data is correct, is in the proper format, and is ready to be used in the performance of analytical processes. We help ensure that a single source of trusted data is available.

Interpretation & Analysis Services

Data Analytics are critical in the new digital world in which oil and gas companies now operate. There is substantial value in data stored in various locations across an oil and gas enterprise, and RAMTeCH specializes in providing services to prepare the data for interpretation and analysis.

We have the technical skills, industry experience, and domain knowledge necessary to implement a complete data management program that will ensure maximum benefit from the interpretation and analysis of both legacy and newly acquired data.

Well Log Digitizing Services

Well log data is a primary source used in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Well logs are routinely used by geologists, geophysicists and engineers for a host of applications. At RAMTeCH, we specialize in the digitization and quality control of well log data, and can handle all formats of well log inputs.

Regardless of data type, RAMTeCH has the experience necessary to optimize the recovery and digitization of all well log data.