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gConflateThe Most Powerful & Flexible Conflation Solution Available

RAMTeCH is the recognized leader in utility and telecommunications conflation.

Legacy networks are commonly misaligned with today’s landbase, which causes a range of operational challenges.  Fortunately, there is a convenient and powerful solution to align your networks to improve your business.

With over 2 MILLION MILES of infrastructure conflated, RAMTeCH’s gConflate™ is the data conflation solution companies trust most.

Fast, Efficient & Proven!

gConflate manages virtually any spatial inaccuracy ranging from inches to thousands of feet, along with virtually every condition encountered in any GIS, and for any GIS format.

Through its sophisticated algorithms, gConflate has proven time and again to support any GIS and CAD platform and manage any data type (linear, point, polygon features) with no impact on inherent relationships post conflation, whether combined or independent of each other.

gConflate encompasses a trusted process where the results are obvious, whether relative or GPS-based, the end product delivers a consistently accurate and functional data set for your entire service territory.

  • Network Infrastructure Assets (Electric, Gas, Landbase – Street Centerlines, Right-of-Ways, Edge of Pavement, Buildings, Hydro)
  • Telecommunications (Cable, Pipelines, One Call)
  • Parcels, Lots, Boundaries (Municipal, Tax, Insurance, Subdivision)
  • GPS-based conflation
  • Any form of high-resolution imagery

gConflate Supports any Platform & Industry

  • Electric, Gas & Water/Wastewater Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial Enterprises (e.g. Insurance)
  • Transportation Networks
  • Land Management

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