Operational Data Readiness


The right data when you need it

Operational Data Readiness is no longer a mystery. Your business systems require clean GIS data to operate effectively. Through RAMTeCH’s proprietary tools and methods your data will ensure your systems function the way you expect them to.

Say Goodbye to Bad Data

As an extremely powerful, yet simple application, gReady™ Data Quality Analytics allows electric and gas utilities to fully assess GIS data to discover exactly where data quality is a concern, where gaps exist, and what needs to be done to address it.

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Intelligence to Drive Your Business

With gReady you can now identify data that does not meet your exacting standards as soon as it is entered into the system, reducing and eliminating the downstream problems and delays that are commonplace in today’s environment.

gReady can be effectively embedded into routine GIS data collection and maintenance workflows to capture errors at their point of entry.

With gReady You Benefit From:

  • Ongoing data quality intelligence through powerful visual analytics based on customer defined standards
  • Identification and prioritization of data issues as they are introduced into the system
  • Routine quality checks embedded into workflows to enhance data reliability
  • Enabling GIS-interoperability with external operational systems, specifically OMS, DMS, DIMP, System Planning and more
  • Extensive validations focused on ensuring the data quality necessary to support Esri’s new Utility Network and ArcGIS Platform

Ensuring Ongoing Data Readiness

RAMTeCH works closely with you to setup, configure and implement gReady to fit your operational and business requirements. In addition, we provide extensive training and support to ensure your fully prepared to achieve and maintain data readiness.

RAMTeCH offers Professional Services to assimilate the use of  gReady into your normal business workflow to ensure proper and continued quality of GIS data input and ongoing maintenance. In addition, we offer Data Management services to take corrective action on your data.

Discover how gReady can ensure your data is operationally ready to fully support your business.

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