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What We Do


RAMTeCH offers a full range of solutions in the areas of data management and integration, large scale managed services, strategic consulting, and systems integration to help our clients successfully plan, deploy, and support geospatial technologies and data. As a trusted leader in geospatial data management, RAMTeCH helps to prepare data to support consumption by critical operational systems. This work includes enterprise data strategies, conversion, migration, conflation, consolidation and long-term maintenance, and records mining.

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With engineering service offerings for Telcos, MSOs, Wireless, E-Coops, and Municipalities RAMTeCH’s contribution to the telecommunications marketplace is highly recognized and regarded. RAMTeCH’s dedicated telecommunications team possesses deep domain knowledge enabling efficient Outside and Inside Plant, Centralized Equipment and Wireless design and engineering capabilities. We embrace innovation to move beyond traditional engineering methods. Our virtual design facilities provide a high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing model, proven successful by major communications companies in North America and globally. Our commitment to excellence and continuous process improvement ensures an environment of timeliness and high-quality deliverables enabling overall cost savings for our clients.

Our team in North America has experienced leaders that have grown up and evolved in these markets and networks. Through years of sweat, continuous accumulation of knowledge and a commitment to improve capabilities they provide our clients an experience that is framed in enviable work ethics, timely and accurate communication that support a desire to exceed expected goals.

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Oil and Gas

Digital transformation is rapidly accelerating in the oil and gas industry, and for many organizations it is no longer an option, it is a necessity. It is quickly becoming impossible to efficiently function without a digital strategy in place.

RAMTeCH provides a comprehensive data strategy that enables our customers to take advantage of data analytics, IoT, GIS, and to meet their overall business objectives. Our team of Data Experts, GIS Professionals, Geologists, Petro Physicists, and Geophysicists have deep industry knowledge and experience to apply data-driven solutions to boost performance, enhance efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

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Buildings and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and construction industry is one of the prominent sectors across the globe over centuries, and the role of technology has emerged in current times like never. With the advent of rapid urbanization everywhere, there has been a meteoric increase in the number of Infrastructure and construction projects worldwide. Quality and On-time delivery of these projects at the most appropriate return to investment yet remains the biggest areas of continual improvement for all stakeholders involved.

RAMTeCH’s Buildings and Infrastructure engineering solutions team offers multi-disciplinary and integrated services throughout the project lifecycle. We think beyond the obvious to ensure that our clients not only realize maximum efficiency and productivity, but also realize effective and smart solutions to complex problems at the most competitive cost.

High quality, impeccable project management and innovative solutions have ensured that clients view us a one stop solution provider for their varied project requirements.

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RAMTeCH offers integrated solutions that help government departments enhance their strategic decisions to improve workflows. Our solutions enable departments to track, analyze, and evaluate their actions to meet the mandates of various schemes.

GIS implementation ensures transparency and accountability in government initiatives through dynamic usage of spatial data. As a leading solution provider, RAMTeCH offers a wide range of Geospatial solutions and services to government departments in the areas of E-governance, Land Records and Cadastral, Tax Management, Utility Management, Asset Mapping, and Mining.

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