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Managed Services

Innovative programs for gas and electric utilities

Today more than ever, utilities face unique new challenges in managing sophisticated GIS network models needed to drive increasingly demanding integrity, compliance, and grid modernization programs. Unfortunately, nothing short of highly accurate data that reflects the as-operated state of networks in near real-time is the only viable solution. Work orders must be posted upon closure while critical long-standing data discrepancies and missing information are resolved by the most experienced in-house staff. At the same time, GIS upgrades and consolidations along with asset and grid management system implementations require the guidance, informed decisions, and active participation of these very same critical resources.

As a leader in GIS data management, RAMTeCH partners with utilities to meet these challenges through innovative Managed Services programs focused on geospatial and operations data and technologies as well as software support through multiple environments and cloud hosting capabilities. These programs complement and support resource-intensive activities freeing up internal utility staff to tackle more complex data and system issues that they are best suited to address. RAMTeCH's flexible, rapidly scalable, blended onsite/onshore/offshore delivery models featuring predictable unit-based costs and defined service level agreements provide the ideal mix of resources and capabilities for success.

What is Managed Services?

  • The transition of outsourcing the responsibility for executing and maintaining a range of processes or functions in order to improve operations and costs
  • Value-driven approach that supports business and operational workflows
  • Transitions low-level utility problems to an outsourced model (i.e., backlog work order posting)
  • Provides resource scalability without the internal costs
  • Provides business and data continuity
  • Outcome focused
  • Tightly integrated agile teams with deep domain and leadership expertise
  • Risk management and mitigation proven process

Managed Services Address Business and Operational Challenges

Managed Services Experience

RAMTeCH is currently engaged in Managed Services programs for electric and gas utilities, telcos, and oil & gas pipeline companies across North America to help:

  • Offload large-scale staffing obligations and delivery commitments
  • Eliminate work order backlogs
  • Assess and remediate data issues
  • Plan and execute Esri UN GIS upgrades and consolidations
  • Develop and maintain web and mobile solutions
  • Develop and maintain ADMS and EAM integrations

Our 33+ managed services projects have included:

  • An average length of four years with some passing 15 years of collaboration
  • Services experience:
    • Work order posting
    • Operational data remediation
    • Software development
    • GIS maintenance
  • Software expertise involving Esri ArcGIS, ArcFM, Designer HFC, Fiber Manager, G/Tech, G/Comms (NetworksX), Spatial Engineer, OSI ADMS, SCADA, GE Smallworld, GE Smallworld PNI, AutoCAD, Facility System, and SpatialNet

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