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Strategic solutions for Telcos, MSOs, Wireless, E-Coops, Investor-Owned Electric Utilities, and Municipalities


With engineering service offerings for Telcos, MSOs, Wireless, E-Coops, and Municipalities RAMTeCH’s contribution to the telecommunications marketplace is highly recognized and regarded. RAMTeCH’s dedicated telecommunications team possesses deep domain knowledge enabling efficient Outside and Inside Plant, Centralized Equipment and Wireless design and engineering capabilities. We embrace innovation to move beyond traditional engineering methods. Our virtual design facilities provide a high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing model, proven successful by major communications companies in North America and globally. Our commitment to excellence and continuous process improvement ensures an environment of timeliness and high-quality deliverables enabling overall cost savings for our clients.

Our team in North America has experienced leaders that have grown up and evolved in these markets and networks. Through years of sweat, continuous accumulation of knowledge and a commitment to improve capabilities they provide our clients an experience that is framed in enviable work ethics, timely and accurate communication that support a desire to exceed expected goals.

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