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Focused solutions for Electric & Gas Utilities

Esri Solutions

  • RAMTeCH specializes in leading clients through system implementations and data migrations to the Esri platform
  • 90% of RAMTeCH’s R&D investments are toward Esri-based solutions
  • RAMTeCH has 25+ years of experience with ArcGIS Enterprise, Desktop, Web, Mobile technologies and the latest utility data models

RAMTeCH’s IP-Driven Solutions

  • A highly structured and iterative approach that leverages a combination of commercial and specialized tools to execute a proven end-to-end process to migrate data efficiently with high-quality results.

  • Award-winning structured IT-based program to scope and justify the transition of a GIS of any platform to the Esri Utility Network.

  • Data quality analytics for gas, electric, and telecom networks with emphasis on Esri format data but is also part of a broader program for non-Esri data with the intent of improving operational data for consumption by OMS or ADMS, and movement of data to the Esri Utility Network.

  • Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) application that takes field data round trip from non-Esri systems.

  • Enable extraction of electric network features via high-resolution technologies such as LiDAR and PLA applications (SPIDA, O-Calc) to build high-accuracy networks and structural data.

  • Consistently delivers accurate geospatial alignment of gas, electric, and telecom data by enhancing the accuracy of GIS data to improve the range of operations including engineering, outages, inspections, and customer service.

RAMTeCH’s proficiency and success with the Esri platform have been recognized with the following specialties and awards.

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