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Focused solutions for Electric & Gas Utilities

Utility Network Services

The Utility Network Management Extension (Utility Network) is Esri’s modern GIS solution for utilities providing advanced network capabilities and high-fidelity representation of assets to create a digital twin. RAMTeCH is a leader in transitioning utilities from their legacy environment to the Utility Network and delivers the experience necessary to guide your organization to a successful deployment. Our Esri platform knowledge, expert knowledge of data preparation and migration will create a transition strategy that manages change, mitigates risk, and fully considers all relevant points of success. RAMTeCH is an Esri Gold Partner and is proud to have achieved the Esri Utility Network Specialty designation through tangible project experience. We will help you plan a program and execute the transition to the Utility Network to improve your operations, including:

  • Business Case Development
  • Data and Technology Assessments
  • Data Remediation and Governance
  • Data Model Development
  • Data Migration
  • Change Management
  • System Integration and Implementation

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