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Strategic solutions to improve the workflow of various Government stakeholders

Scanning & Digitization

RAMTeCH provides services for many government land record projects, where scanning and digitization of old hand-drawn cadastral maps and revenue documents are performed. We also offer advanced solutions, such as Document Management Systems, for easy archival and retrieval of scanned & digitized documents in a secure environment

Our solutions also include various digitization services, which enable translation of information from various traditional maps. We use interactive mathematical transformations and algorithms to showcase different map features from one scale or projection to another. This enables map layers from different sources to be used together, producing maps of any size, representing an entire or selected area using information from different scales. Our digitization services are rendered using global standards and therefore the resulting products have high precision and quality

Cadastre/ Land Information System

RAMTeCH offers GIS based Cadastre framework, which supports continuous and readily available maps with land information system. The system design is scalable both horizontally and vertically, enabling integration with other system & users groups/stakeholders. Our offerings include:

  • Physical Restoration
  • Scanning of hard copy maps/cadastral
  • Scan Map Rectification
  • Data Entry /Metadata creation
  • Digital data Indexing
  • Digital storage for easy retrieval

Document Management System

RAMTeCH provides complete physical record and data storage solutions to government departments . Our Document Management Systems are equipped with modules which allow easy archival and secure retrieval of records, resulting in easier document archival, retrieval and approval process. Key offerings include:

  • Physical Restoration of documents
  • Pre Scanning procedures
  • Scanning of documents and Bar Coding of physical documents
  • Scan Documents Rectification
  • Data Entry /Metadata creation
  • Establishment of Modern Land Record Rooms
  • Development and implementation of Document Management and Retrieval System

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