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Strategic solutions to improve the workflow of various Government stakeholders

Geospatial Analysis & Modeling

RAMTeCH has proven credentials to capture the analytical strength of GIS using geospatial database, including data modeling and analysis. The GIS services offered by RAMTeCH facilitate the visualization of geographic data, spatial analysis and efficient data management. Our dedicated team of analysts, software developers and strategists combine innovative data-driven approaches with cutting-edge geospatial solutions to deliver results—where it matters.

We have developed and implemented sophisticated geospatial models to support a variety of applications in the government sector with a special focus on terrain modeling, ground water and watershed analysis. Our geospatial analytics offerings enables customers to integrate latest technologies for robust and affordable geospatial solutions.

Our Key offerings include

  • Ground water recharge
  • Flood forecasting
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Volumetric Estimation

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