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Strategic solutions to improve the workflow of various Government stakeholders

Surveying & Mapping

RAMTeCH offers world class survey data collection using different latest technologies such as DGPS, Total Station, ETS, PDA and UAV drone survey with absolute precision. This enables various government agencies to improve project processes by having a single data source. This enables streamlining workflows and improving productivity

Geospatial data and convoluted GIS maps rendered by us are highly detailed, up-to-date, data-rich and readily usable.

Land Records

RAMTeCH has been a part of various regional Government projects where we have conducted surveys resulting in the creation of a database that covers key land information at the cadastral level. We use the latest and best available technologies and equipment to conduct surveys, such as:

  • Primary and Secondary DGPS Survey
  • Primary and Secondary Monumentation
  • Cadastral maps digitization and integration of spatial and textual land record data
  • Conduct Survey / resurvey and updation of survey and Settlement Records
  • Development of and Retrieval System.

Urban Planning- GIS based Master Plan

RAMTeCH is empaneled with various state Remote Sensing Agencies. We have been an integral part of multiple projects being implemented at a national level, like Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT). Our key offerings include:

  • Land base and base mapping for Town and Country Planning
  • Slum Rehabilitation – Mapping and design
  • Land base / Base Mapping for Master Plan/Zone Maps/City Development Plans

Urban Local Bodies/ Municipalities

RAMTeCH has executed multiple property based e-Governance projects with various Urban Locals Bodies and Urban Development Authorities. The scope of these projects range from Multipurpose Household surveys to application development and integration. Our key offerings include:

  • Survey of the properties through Smart Phones/Tablets with real-time data logging
  • Use of advanced instruments like Electronic Distance Meter for measurement of properties
  • Development of Property Tax Management Systems Software

Utility Sector

Our comprehensive GIS solutions enable government departments to manage their daily operations in a more efficient manner. Our robust GIS-Based Asset and Utility Management System enables the user to know precisely where it’s Assets and Utilities (including Underground Utilities) are located physically. This enables quicker and reliable business and operational decisions. Our key offerings include:

  • Comprehensive Electrical Network mapping
  • Integration with SCADA and other CORE System
  • Restructured Accelerated Power Distribution Reforms Program (R-APDRP)
  • RoW Drawing for utility network corridor
  • GPR survey


RAMTeCH is empaneled with multiple state governments to provide a full line of GIS solutions for the Mining domain. Our innovative solutions support decision making throughout the entire mining cycle for monitoring and managing mining operations. Our key services include:

  • Demarcation for mineral blocks/mineral exploration
    1. DGPS Survey within the Area of Interest (AoI)
    2. Benchmark Establishment
    3. Boundary Pillar Fixation
  • Geo-referencing of map of mine leased area
  • Topographical Survey
  • Contour Generation
  • Geological Thematic mapping
  • Volumetric Estimation
  • Data Integration

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